BBB Johannes Deimling. A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss.
About wander, research, doubt, the teacher and the learner.

Friday, April 25, 7pm

Live Performances and Screening

Saturday, April 26, 7pm

Artist Talk with BBB Johannes Deimling: “There's no smoke without fire”

Artists: BBB Johannes Deimling and Lotte Kaiser, Corentin JPM Leven

Curator: Chiara Cartuccia

SAVVY Contemporary I Richardstr. 20 I 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

© Monika Sobczak

On Friday, April 25, within the frame of Present Tense Series, the performance art program of SAVVY Contemporary for 2014, BBB Johannes Deimling will present the 8th chapter of his performance cycle A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss (2013-…), performing in collaboration with Lotte Kaiser (b.1999). During the same night the audience will get a chance to witness another performance piece, by Corentin JPM Leven (b.1993), one of BBB Johannes Deimling students from Norway Theatre Academy.

On Saturday, April 26, BBB Johannes Deimling will lead an artist talk on the topic teaching performance art, entitled “There’s no smoke without fire”.



Film Programme and Roundtable

with the participation of Yaara Benger and Saverio Pesapane

Thursday, May 1, 6.30 pm pm

Curator: Marianna Liosi

Art directors: Dr. Bonaventure S.B. Ndikung, Dr. Elena Agudio

SAVVY Contemporary I Richardstr. 20 I 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

”Detour. One Particular Sunday”, Alexander Vaindorf, 2006-2008

On Thursday, May 1, Marianna Liosi will present the first outcomes of her long-term research project on the ambiguous relation between leisure and work. Leisure Complex is a compilation of three films by contemporary artists, paying tribute to the social and political origins of the International Labour Day.

Historically, the 1st of May commemorates a series of workers’ strikes for the introduction of an eight-hour day, which were rocking the city of Chicago between 1867 and 1886. This date symbolizes the paradox behind the working-time regulation: the right to work was essentially interweaved with the restriction to work. This paradox arises a wide range of questions concerning the development of the concept of leisure and its adjustment to the current amendments in labour policies. Does it still make sense to speak about a division between work and free time? Should labour and free time be still considered exclusively in a direct opposition, where leisure is merely a time slot freed from the constraints of work life? And viewed in politico-economical terms: granted that the borderline distinguishing free time from work is overwhelmingly blurry – what is leisure worth in a society where the identification of an individual is based on their work activity? Is free time a natural human right or rather a subsidiary to work?

Screened in a narrative sequence, the films of Deepa Dhanraj, Francesco Jodice and Alexander Vaindorf investigate into this topic from three different perspectives. The artworks relate emblematic stories and extreme situations from various cultural and geographical contexts: migrant workers in Dubai, deprived of any free time for the sake of opulence and luxury of the happy few (Jodice); Indian women who upraised for the right of a weekly day off (Dhanraj); Ukrainian caregivers in Italy using their leisure as means to reach personal emancipation and reconnect with their national community (Vaindorf).

In the course of the evening, Yaara Benger, researcher at Max-Planck Institute, and Saverio Pesapane, author of Dubai Citytellers, will join in a conversation with the curator and the audience to articulate the discourse of the ambiguous relationship between labour and leisure through an historical approach and with regard to the role of capitalism and market in this liaison.

Evening Programme:

Dubai Citytellers, Francesco Jodice, 2009, film, HD, 60’ (courtesy: Podbielski Contemporary)

Maid Servant, Deepa Dhanraj, 1981, 16 mm b/w, excerpts (courtesy: the artist)

•Conversation with Yaara Benger and Saverio Pesapane, 30’

One Particular Sunday - a trailer for Detour, Alexander Vaindorf, 2008, single channel DVD, 14’ (courtesy: the artist)

Colab Editions - The Publication

Book Launch

Saturday, May 3, 7.00 pm

Art directors: Dr. Bonaventure S.B. Ndikung, Dr. Elena Agudio

SAVVY Contemporary I Richardstr. 20 I 12043 Berlin-Neukölln

Colab Editions 2012

With great pleasure we announce the launch of Colab Editions - The Publication along with a retrospective exhibition commemorating the Colab Editions performance series that took place in Berlin between 2011 and 2012. The publication follows the journey of these ten collaborations, which were an innovative investigation fostering new dialogues about performance, collaboration, and collective and individual memory. Tracing the arc of the programme through images, reviews and critical texts, the publication also examines some of the larger issues surrounding contemporary performance: archiving, authorship, the ephemeral, and the production of knowledge through performance. On display will be videos, interviews, objects and photographs that were produced during the programme.

Wathik Al-Ameri and Ali Al-Fatlawi (Iraq) – Invited artist Abdallah Shmelawi (Iraq/Austria)
Wathik Al-Ameri and Ali Al-Fatlawi both live and work in Zürich, Switzerland. Friends from childhood and their studies at the Bagdad Arts Academy the artists set off in 1994 on an odyssey, crossing the border into Jordan with false papers and only three US dollars in their pockets. While in Jordan they worked as copyists reproducing classic Arabic paintings until earning enough money to travel to Sudan, taking a truck through the Sahara into Libya, and finally arriving in Switzerland. In order to further develop their artistic work they founded the studio Urnamo (Zurich) in 2011 and have since been collaborating for over a decade. The artists were awarded the Performancepreis Schweiz (2011) and the prestigious Swiss Art Award (2012).

Shannon Cochrane
Shannon Cochrane (b. 1972) is a Toronto-based performance artist. Her work has been presented across Canada and internationally in over a dozen countries in Asia, Europe, UK, and the USA. She is the Artistic Director of FADO Performance Art Centre (, an artist-run centre dedicated to the presentation of international contemporary performance practices. She is one of the co-founders and co-curators of Toronto’s biennial 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art (, established in 1997.

Andrés Galeano
Andrés Galeano was born in Spain in 1980. He holds a Philosophy degree from the University of Barcelona, a Photography diploma from the Freie Fotoschule, Stuttgart, and a Sculpture/Free Art degree from the Kunsthochschule Weißensee, Berlin. Andrés works with drawing, photography, video, installation and performance, and has realized exhibitions and performances in Europe, Latin America and Canada. His Berlin activities include curating the performance art program Extension Series at the Grimmuseum and ¡POESÍACCIÓN! at the Instituto Cervantes. He is also co-organizer of the Month of Performance Art in Berlin. Andrés lives between Berlin and Barcelona.

Featured artists: Alastair Maclennan (SCT), Andrés Galeano (SP/DE), Antoni Karwowski (PL), Essi Kausalainen (FIN), Ieke Trinks (NL), Jacques Van Poppel (NL), Jelili Atiku (Nigeria), Juha Valkeapää (FIN), Kimmo Modig (FIN), Kurt Johannessen (NOR), Lan Hungh (Taiwan), Leena Kela (FIN), Magnus Logi Kristinsson, (FIN/ISL), Márcio Carvalho (PT), Marc Patrick Tchambou (CM), Maurice Blok (NL/FIL), Nathalie Bikoro (GA), Nezaket Ekici (TUR/DE), Ruth Feukoua (CM), Serge Olivier Fokoua (CM), Stefan Riebel (DE), Tomasz Szrama (PL), Willem Wilhelmus (NL)

Text Authors: Jens Brockmeier, Shannon Cochrane, Márcio Carvalho, Bonaventure Soh Ndikung, Jaime Schwartz, Pauline Doutreluingne and Ioana Muntenescu

Curator: Márcio Carvalho
Director: Bonaventure Ndikung
Chief Editor: Jaime Schwartz
Designer: Joana Silva