The ensemble displays everyday scenes viewed through the spectrum of cultural beliefs, habits and behaviors, also exploring the topic of displacement. The migrant, whose life, attitudes, imagery and identity are multi contextualized, becomes a complex character driven by new initiatives. This dynamic is also inherent to the art world, where the artist’s mobility defines and structures the use of time and space in the creative process.

The exhibition flicks through successive time in the same space. It is not intended to impose an unwavering conviction, but rather aims towards a swarm of visions and perspectives. The potential emergence of an image occurs in the divergence between fixed reality and the elusive, personified in the breaches of the self/other, the familiar/unknown, the intimate/public, the near/far away.

The constant exposure of personal narratives seems to mark the end of a social convention long characterized by the balance between transparency and the legitimacy of preserving one’s privacy. When “working on reality,” as part of the photographic process adapting the film to be revealed, photographers, videographers and other visual artists manipulate identities, stories as well as the concept of privacy.

Intimités lies surrounded by open windows. On the outside, the city, voracious, sprawling, at times inhuman. On the inside, a nearly similar phenomenon, within the dream of the inner self.