NON [ ]

The first show curated by the curatorial collective To Whom It May Concern, Non [ ] (Non Space) is an exhibition exploring the concepts of non-spaces from different perspectives, cultures, geographies and theoretical backgrounds.

limbo spaces 
spaces in-between
in-transit places 
waiting space
thinking space 
time and space…

In an exploration not of what lies within or without but that “somewhere” in-between, Non [ ] is a journey into the impossible task of defining what makes up that undefinable land that is “middle”–an unattainable place in seemingly eternal suspension and ephemeral being.

In contemporary art theory, the gallery space has often been referred to as a “vacuum.” In his book Inside The White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery Space first published in 1976, Brian O’Doherty describes the gallery as a place which is “designed to neutralise social space and time from the artwork, to free itself from context.” “Space” he says “has now become not just where things happen but now ‘things make space happen.’”

The term “non-place,” originally coined by Marc Auge in his book Non-places: Introduction to an anthropology of supermodernity, will be referenced through works which speak about place, our surrounding environments, and the human need to be attached to objects and things, yet to simultaneously be free beings.

Conceptually and directly aligned with SAVVY Contemporary’s mission for a “contestation of time and space,” Non [ ] provides a fertile ground in which these non-territories, explored by these artists with diversified visions and backgrounds, will become actual space for the artists, viewers, and works themselves for intro/retrospection and dialogue.

The curatorial team and artists, collectively with backgrounds spanning four continents, present a multimedia exhibition including installation, photography and painting and a performance on the opening night. In-line with SAVVY Contemporary’s objectives, the show will embody a dialogue between “western art” and “nonwestern art” in a conceptual, intellectual, artistic and cultural development and exchange.