O Baile Dos Sentidos

The beauty of family coming home! 
We are thrilled to welcome back a former, dear member of SAVVY Contemporary––this time on stage: 

On literally translated grounds, O Baile dos Sentidos stands for the quiet hungover days that follow a Ball for the Senses. There, audition, vision, olfaction, touch and taste set to mingle and feast, forgetting, as many would, to invite Intuition. Sensing the pulsating soil, She came nonetheless. As the others drank heavily and danced closely, perhaps too close for their own nature, She floated above the polished floor, breaking down to every move She knew, sober as a wooden stick well awake to assist a clumsy child in forbidden mango picking. She studied her interiors to better know how to face the moods. She sought for her own answers through the music as her groove. When the last note played, all, snoring, covered the ground. She, was left alone. Her own self, on a dance floor devoid of sound.

MARIA–GRACIA LATEDJOU   is a singer, composer, violinist and visual artist. O Baile dos Sentidos is the title of her first solo project, a self-produced EP of five original compositions written for voice and violin without the bow (played in pizzicato), recorded inside of a wooden wardrobe in Luanda. Partly a self-taught instrumentalist, she transits between experimentation and improvisation, creating concept-spaces to lay a bed for narratives and interrogations. A quasi-multi-sensorial voyage, O Baile dos Sentidos is also formed of videos and an experimental short-film.

Curious? Listen to her in this beautiful video below for O Baile dos Sentidos.