O Baile Dos Sentidos

The beauty of family coming home! 
We are thrilled to welcome back a former, dear member of SAVVY Contemporary––this time on stage: 

MARIA–GRACIA LATEDJOU   is a singer, composer, violinist and visual artist. O Baile dos Sentidos is the title of her first solo project, a self-produced EP of five original compositions written for voice and violin without the bow (played in pizzicato), recorded inside of a wooden wardrobe in Luanda. Partly a self-taught instrumentalist, she transits between experimentation and improvisation, creating concept-spaces to lay a bed for narratives and interrogations. A quasi-multi-sensorial voyage, O Baile dos Sentidos is also formed of videos and an experimental short-film.

Curious? Listen to her in this beautiful video below for O Baile dos Sentidos.