Afro kids series

Aria Indee: Afro Kid “Love the skin you’re in”

The Afro Kid Series is aimed at empowering and encouraging young children of colour from different cultures and backgrounds to love themselves for who they are, and to enlighten children and youth of other races and cultures on the issues faced by children of the black diaspora in order to bring about empathy and understanding in a world where there is lack thereof. Children are our future and in order to fix an already deeply broken society, we have to first take responsibility for our own, by teaching them self-love and acceptance, start from the beginning of life, plant the seeds needed to be sewn to ensure our children grow with understanding, sympathy, and kindness.

The Afro Kid Series aims to be what every child and adult needs to read and experience, in order to diminish insecurities and self-hate, to promote nothing but love and togetherness.

Cassianne Lawrencewas born in the amazing city of Kingston, Jamaica, and raised in the beautiful Cayman Islands. She considers herself an island girl with a world woman mind. Growing up she found herself possessing many talents. She played sports, and eventually went pro in basketball playing for a team in Heidelberg landing her in Germany. Although she had many talents, writing poetry and children stories have always been her passion. Words are magic when put together the right way.

The Afro Kids Series is written by Cassiane Lawrence and illustrated by Patrick Romanowski.