Communicating with the beyond 

On the occasion of Glodie Mubikay and Gustave Fundi’s first trip to Berlin, we present an evening with the two filmmakers and artist Lucile Desamory. Never having met, they have worked together on a feature film over Messenger, Skype, and other media for the last two years. As such, this conversation and presentation of their work represents the corporealization of their long-distance collaboration. Within their work, as well, there is an emphasis on the intangible, supernatural, and that which is beyond the reach of our immediate reality. Please join us as we communicate with the beyond.   

Glodie Mubikay and  Gustave Fundi are two filmmakers and producers from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They first met in 2011 in Lubumbashi and founded O2 Studios in 2012. Within this new structure, which gathers visual artists and technicians, they produce short films, mainly in the horror and science fiction genre.

Lucile Desamory is an artist, a filmmaker and a musician. Her work has been shown at Anthology Film Archive, Tate Modern, MuZEE and Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, amongst others. Her music is on the labels Staubgold and M=Minimal. She also makes radio plays and performances. In 2016, O2 Studios and Lucile Desamory start collaborating on different projects amongst which the feature film Suspended Disbelief taking place in Belgium and Democratic Republic of Congo as well as a photo novel.