Neophilia or contemplations on insatiability of consumption

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In her second studio album, Neophilia, Manmeet MC KAUR verbalises the manipulation of our desires by corporations, warns us of the toxic masculinity in the hiphop industry and points to the importance of direct and raw experience, in the face of algorithmised, networked personalisation of our human self. This album is a continuation of her exploration of the societal outlines which started with her first album Hip Hop Bahu (which loosely translates to Daughter-in-law who does Hip Hop) – a critique/mockery of the prescribed role of (married) women in the Indian society.

At  SAVVY Contemporary, MC KAUR along with DJ Marc Hype, invite us to a lecture performance where she will have conversations and play with Sanni Loetzsch aka Loop Motor from Berlin. They will talk with each other about each other, their musical practices, their position as women in the music industry among other things. They will also be jamming with each other through the evening.

Manmeet MC KAUR  is the pioneer female rapper from India. She has been actively and independently performing since 8 years in India and abroad. Her freestyling musical outreach is largely renowned as well as her activism for feminizing the hip-hop circuit and denouncing gender discrimination.

Loop Motor  mouthmade electronic music: One mouth, one voice and a loop station – this is Loop Motor. The live loop artist continuously beatboxes, raps and samples herself. In doing so, she creates music seemingly electronic whilst coming from only one source of sound: her mouth. She sends her beatbox, vocal basslines and harmonies through effect pedals, producing massive tracks that are extremely danceable. 100% live on stage Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Dub Step and Drum’n’Bass to get down to.

DJ Marc Hype  began his DJ career in 1988 and went through the several decades of hip hop with countless releases, tours and competitions.H is selection on the decks as on production is freestyle, always with a unique groove, no matter the genre. 2005 saw the vinyl releases of his collaboration with Jim Dunlopp on Milk Crate.  "Stamp Out Reality" followed in 2009 on MPM Rec. and featured artists like Blowfly, Mr Complex, Flomega and Lady Daisey. He has toured allover Europe as well as in NYC, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Tunisia, United Arabian Emirates, Russia, Israel, India & Australia.