SAVVY.reads is  a reading group set with and for friends (old and new), intimately within the library of SAVVY.doc, which aims to offer a space for shared reflections on selected texts that breathe inside and outside the shelves of the SAVVY.doc with over two thousand titles collected in the past 10 years. Each session invites a friend who may help us re-debate the legacies of literatures we deliberated on before. Through reading together, we want to collectively unfold the meanings we see within and beyond the words, discuss them, share our feelings and learn by each other’s knowledges and experiences.

Session one, organised by Mayra A. Rodriguez Castro, will consider words by Fred Moten, Kodwo Eshun, and Louis Chude-Sokei as they examine aural escapes in the Caribbean and beyond. This time we welcome the company of guest Yulan Grant (SHYBOI), a New York based multi-disciplinary artist from Kingston, Jamaica, visiting Berlin at this point. As a creative positioned between Caribbean and American culture, Grant’s work interrogates ideas of identity, notions of power, perceived histories and the entanglements within these topics. Grant is interested in the role of new media in artistic practices. Grant's recent exhibitions include Paradise Garage in Los Angeles, CA; MoMA PS1 in Queens, NY, Bowerbird in Philadelphia, PA, Edel Assanti in London, England and GAMeC in Bergamo, Italy among others. SHYBOI is the moniker she uses to cause sonic disruption.

Food will be available (donations are welcome)