Session two will consider poetry as a practice that ruptures the legibility of daily life. On this occasion we will discuss Jun’ichirō Tanizaki’s essay In Praise of Shadows in the company of Jason Dodge who will conversate with Mayra A. Rodriguez Castro and the audience. In Praise of Shadows will approximate us to notions of visibility and invisibility, as well as the relationship of light and darkness to representation. Excerpts from the essay will be read and complemented with selected poetry from SAVVY.doc. For over twenty years, Dodge has produced assemblages, art installations, and objects drawing on the minimalist tradition. Recent solo exhibitions include Casey Kaplan (New York, 2018), Galleria Franco Noero (Turin, 2018), Schinkel Pavillon with Paul Thek (Berlin, 2017), Institut d’art contemporain Villeurbanne (2016) and Lentos Kunstmuseum (Linz, 2013). His work has been included in group shows at the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, 2018); MIT List Visual Arts Center (Cambridge, MA, 2017); Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna, 2017) and the Israel Museum (Jerusalem, 2017). Dodge is the editor of Fivehundred places, a publishing platform for contemporary anglophone poetry. Among the poets published by Fivehundred places are Julian Talamontez Brolaski, CA Conrad, Matthew Dickman, Roger Reeves, Ilya Kaminsky, Donika Kelly, Dorothea Lasky, Eileen Myles and Ishion Hutchinson.

SAVVY.reads is a reading group set with and for friends (old and new), intimately within the library of SAVVY.doc, which aims to offer a space for shared reflections on selected texts that breathe inside and outside the shelves of the SAVVY.doc with over two thousand titles collected in the past 10 years. Each session invites a friend who may help us re-debate the legacies of literatures we deliberated on before. Through reading together, we want to collectively unfold the meanings we see within and beyond the words, discuss them, share our feelings and learn by each other’s knowledges and experiences.

Food will be available (donations are welcome).