On Tuesdays, we meet in the library (?) where in addition to our filled shelves, you also find a selection of texts in conversation with the exhibition on view, which is currently INDIGO WAVES AND OTHER STORIES. 

This Tuesday, the selection will be activated through readings of published texts and research material by John Njenga Karugia who is a researcher also participating in the exhibition chapter at Gropius Bau. We invite you to engage with writings and researches around the Afrasian Sea  by asking questions concerning memory politics and ethics: What memories connect Afrasian spaces and places and how did they emerge? What challenges exist within Afrasian spaces as regards how memories interact within various memory cultures across Afrasia? What can we learn about "doing memory" within cosmopolitan spaces?

John Njenga Karugia is a researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Asian and African Studies at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin within the De:Link // Re:Link research project which is analyzing China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). He has also researched on Indian Ocean Memories at Goethe University Frankfurt within the AFRASO project.