How do we see fables of the West through our contemporary eyes? How do we feel them through our contemporary bodies? The exhibition Rendez-vous: sortie de mon corps probes into a territory where new subjectivities appear, by imagining a multiple body, an object containing history, and at the same time a surface on which history is inscribed. In the exhibition the body becomes a territory spoken through by a chorus of voices: a place where struggles of the past, forgotten narratives and events can reemerge, and where a blending between biography and allegory, or the personal and the historical, can be witnessed, if not experienced.

After tracing the role of the body in the concepts of authenticity and representation in our December exhibition Wahala, and investigating mimetic transformations and transgressions in the recent project Perhaps All Dragons In Our Lives Are Princesses: On Somatic Morphing, SAVVY Contemporary posits the idea of a body outside itself, escaped from its own life story. A body no longer the site of identity, but a terrain equally inhabited by intimacy, familiarity, strangeness and the unknown. A body that intercepts and replays the vocabulary of revolts, invaded by the tragedy and violence of social malaise or traversed by the phantom voices of history. A body muted by totalitarianism, tainted by violences of war, and imprinted with the childish spasms of dance. It is here that the body returns as a space for undesirable and troubling narratives.

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Hold Your Ground, 2012 HD video, 11
Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Hold Your Ground, 2012 HD video, 11'