Fossilised Sonicities.
On MAPPING LESSONS and Sonic Archives

In the framework of Archival Assembly #1 – the (temporary) end of the five-year project and extended international collaboration “Archive außer sich” – , we cordially invite you to a workshop on Fossilised Sonicities. On Mapping Lessons and Sonic Archives:

Departing from the film Mapping Lessons by Philip Rizk, we call for the exploration of the sonicity of colonial archives, and their reappropriation through critical archiving and the material practice of filmmaking. Taking cues from a 1972 free jazz recording session in Egypt that was later released as Muharram 1392, Mapping Lessons weaves together a soundscape of archival material and improvisations, reflecting and challenging the histories of colonial nation building while drawing parallels to the present.
In conversation with SAVVY Contemporary’s Colonial Neighbours – a participatory archive and research project investigating the colonial history of Germany – and SAVVY.doc archive, this event will encourage the appreciation of film as a sonic archive, juxtaposing different forms of archival autonomies through sound to reflect on the present through the past, and vice versa. 

Visual  Still from Mapping Lessons