Mapping Lessons

In the framework of Archival Assembly #1 – the (temporary) end of the five-year project and extended international collaboration “Archive außer sich” – we cordially invite you to the screening of Phillip Rizk's film Mapping Lessons

In Mapping Lessons, we travel with K through time and place to a Levant undergoing colonization. These struggles are placed in conversation with the early days of the Soviet Union, 1936 Spain, Vietnamese resistance groups, the Paris Commune, and the Syrian Revolution, acting as a manual to prepare for and guide future movements. K learns lessons from her encounters along the way on agroecology and self-governance, on sustainable energy, and about education outside of the nation-state framework. The journey locates the current neo-colonial reality that plagues the region within the colonization of the past. Inspired by the format of an online tutorial, Mapping Lessons tells of experiments in autonomy in the absence of a state. Amongst other sources the score incorporates a 1972 free jazz session recorded in Cairo, Egypt. 

Visual  Still from Mapping Lessons